Special Pages are shortcuts to functions and tools that can be used to accomplish a certain task. Some can only be viewed with certain rights, such as administrator, Wikia Staff, wikia helpers, wikia utilities, etc. Please note that this list of special pages shows all 163 special pages, while the other Special Pages list only shows 89.

Special Page RestrictionsEdit

User Group Name Amount of Special Pages restricted to a Special Group
Everyone (includes anonymous contributors) 2
Users 99
Administrators 12
Bureaucrat 1
Wikia Staff 15
Wikia Helpers 7
Wikia Utilities 7
Checkuser-global 2
Check user 2
Currently Unknown 8

Lists of Special PagesEdit

Special Page Name User Permission Rights Description
Special:AbTesting Wikia Staff A page used to test changes to a webpage against the current design and determine which ones produce positive results
Special:AchievementsCustomize Administrators A control panel to customize badges. (Only active when the Achievements feature is turned on.)
Special:Activeusers Users A redirect to Special:Listusers, and shows users who have performed an action in the last 30 days
Special:AdminDashboard Administrator A quick navigation that allows access to control of nearly everything on the wiki
Special:Allmessages Users A List of MediaWiki pages and messages
Special:Allpages Users Alist of all pages such as articles, MediaWiki, User Talk, Message Wall, User Profile, etc
Special:Ancientpages Users A list that is organized by oldest pages first to newest pages last
Special:ApiExplorer Users Shows documentation for the current wiki's API
Special:Blankpage Users A page that was intentionally left blank
Special:Block Administrator A form used to block editing access from a specific IP address or username
Special:BlockList Users A list of blocked users
Special:Blockme Users A page used to block oneself but was later disabled
Special:Booksources Users A page used to search a book by the ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
Special:BrokenRedirects Users A list showing redirects that link to non-existent pages
Special:Captcha Users A page used to protect the site from spam
Special:Categories Users A list of categories
Special:CategoryTree Users A page used to see a categories' content as a tree structure.
Special:ChangeEmail Users A form used to change your e-mail address
Special:ChangePassword Users A form used to change your account password
Special:Chat Users A wikia feature used to discuss with other users that can be enabled and disabled
Special:Chatfailover Wikia Utilities Unknown
Special:CheckUser Wikia Utilities, VSTF, checkuser-global, check user Used to identify a user's IP address
Special:CheckUserLog Wikia Utilities, VSTF, checkuser-global, check user An archive showing a history log of checked users
Special:ComparePages Users A page used to compare revisions of two same and also different pages
Special:Confirmemail Users A page used to confirm a user's email address and tells when it was confirmed
Special:Connect Users A page used to connect account with Facebook that was later disabled
Special:Contact Users used to contact Wikia Staff
Special:Contributions Users Shows a history of a user's edits
Special:CreateAccount Everyone Used to sign up for an account and also a redirect to Special:UserLogin/Signup
Special:CreateBlogListingPage Users used to aggregate blog listings from different authors together onto a single page
Special:CreateBlogPage Users A page used to create a blog
Special:CreatePage Users A page used to create a page of any type
Special:Deadendpages Users A list of pages that don't link to other pages
Special:DeletedContributions Users Shows a list of deleted edits
Special:Disambiguations Users A list of disambiguation pages
Special:DoubleRedirects Users A list of pages which redirect to other redirect pages.
Special:EditWatchlist Users Shows a list of pages that you follow and watch
Special:Editcount Users Shows the total of your local and global edits
Special:EmailTest Users A redirect saying "Challenge incorrect"
Special:Emails Wikia Staff storage of emails
Special:Emailuser Users a page used to send a message to another user in an email format
Special:Export Administrator Used to import pages to another wiki
Special:Fewestrevisions Users a list organized by pages that have the fewest changes first to the most changed pages last
Special:FileDuplicateSearch Users A list of duplicate and copied files
Special:Filepath Users A page that returns the complete path for a file. Images are shown in full resolution, other file types are started with their associated program directly.
Special:FinishCreate Users A message that usually says something along the lines of:

Congratulations! (WIKINAME) Wiki has been created

Click the button below to start adding pages to your wiki. Add a Page You'll see this button throughout your wiki, use it any time you want to add a new page. Find answers, advice, and more on Community Central.

Special:Following Users A list of pages that you follow and watch
Special:FounderEmails Users A blank page
Special:Gadgets Users Shows the lists of Gadgets that can be enabled through Preferences
Special:GlobalUsage Users Shows global used files
Special:HideRevision Users A page used to hide an edit
Special:Hieroglyphs Users a page used to experiment with WikiHiero markup
Special:ImageServingTest Wikia Staff Unknown
Special:Import Administrator A page used to import pages from another wiki
Special:ImportFreeImages Users a page that allows you to search properly licensed photos from flickr and import them into your wiki.
Special:InterwikiDispatcher Unknown An existing but invalid special page
Special:JavaScriptTest Unknown A disabled function that was used to test out JavaScript
Special:LinkSearch Users a page used to search external hyperlinks
Special:Listadmins Users A redirect to Special:Listusers/sysop
Special:Listbots Users a redirect to Special:Listusers/bot
Special:Listfiles Users a list of all uploaded files
Special:Listgrouprights Users a list of rights and what they access with certain rights
Special:Listredirects Users A list of pages that have been renamed and left with a redirect
Special:Listusers Users Shows a list of the types of users locally
Special:Lockdb Wikia Staff Unknown
Special:Log Users Combined display of all available historical timelines also called logs
Special:Lonelypages Users Shows a list of pages that are not linked by other pages
Special:Longpages Users A list of articles organized by amount of bytes
Special:MIMEsearch Users This page enables the filtering of files for their MIME type. Input: contenttype/subtype, e.g. image/jpeg.
Special:MergeHistory Unknown A page that allows to combine two different histories
Special:MiniEditorDemo Unknown Unknown
Special:Mostcategories Users A list that shows the pages with the most wikia tags/categories
Special:Mostimages Users Shows a list of the most linked images
Special:Mostlinked Users Shows a list of articles most linked to
Special:Mostlinkedcategories Users Shows how many articles are used in each category
Special:Mostlinkedtemplates Users Shows a list of the most linked templates
Special:Mostpopularcategories Users Shows the most used categories
Special:Mostrevisions Users Shows a list of the most revised articles
Special:Movepage Users Used to rename a page that also allows to follow it and to whether or not leave a redirect behind
Special:MultiLookup Wikia Staff, Wikia Helpers, VSTF A page used to look up information on users in multiple wikis
Special:Multidelete Wikia Staff, Wikia Helpers, VSTF Used to delete a batch of pages
Special:MultipleUpload Users A page used to upload multiple files
Special:Multiwikiedit Wikia Staff, Wikia Helpers Used to edit a batch of pages
Special:Multiwikifinder Wikia Staff, Wikia Helpers, VSTF Used to search for a specific title across Wikia
Special:Myblog Users Shows a list of your blogs
Special:Mycontributions Users Shows a list of your edits
Special:Mypage Users Shows your user profile
Special:Mytalk Users Shows your user talk page or message wall
Special:Myuploads Users Shows a list of files uploaded by you
Special:Newimages Users A list of the most recent images uploaded. It's also a redirect to Special:NewFiles.
Special:Newpages Users Shows a list of most recent pages added
Special:Nuke Wikia Staff, Wikia Helpers, VSTF Used to nuke pages
Special:Our404Handler Users A message that occurs when a page searched does not exist
Special:Oversight Unknown Unknown
Special:ParserSpeed Unknown Unknown
Special:PartnerFeed Users Shows a link to feeds such as recent changes, recent blog posts, etc.
Special:PasswordReset Users Used to reset a password and receive a new one
Special:PermanentLink Users Unknown
Special:Piggyback Wikia Utilities Used to log in as another user
Special:Preferences Users Used to edit account settings
Special:Prefixindex Users Shows a list starting with a certain prefix, such as "Tutorial"
Special:Promote Administrator This page allows you to promote your wiki by making it eligible to appear on
Special:Protectedpages Users Shows a list of locked pages
Special:Protectedtitles Users Shows list of protected pages and if they are protected, semi protected, or fully protected.
Special:Protectsite Wikia Staff, Wikia Helpers, VSTF used to temporarily block various site modifications
Special:RandomInCategory Users Generates a random page after a category has been inputted
Special:Randompage Users Generates a random article
Special:Randomredirect Users Generates a random redirect
Special:Recentchanges Users A more complex, systematic version of Special:WikiActivity showing a historical timeline of edits.
Special:Recentchangeslinked Users a list of changes made recently to pages linked from a specified page
Special:Revisiondelete Unknown used to delete a revision
Special:Search Users Used to find and navigate pages
Special:Shortpages Users A list organized by the shortest pages first (by bytes) and longest pages last.
Special:SiteWideMessages Wikia Staff, Wikia Utilities Used to send global messages across Wikia
Special:Sitemap Unknown A redirect that says "404: Page doesn't exist"
Special:Specialpages Users A list of special pages (only shows 89 out of 161)
Special:Statistics Users Shows wiki stats and numerical data
Special:Tags Users a page that lists the tags that the software may mark an edit with, and their meaning.
Special:TagsReport Users Reports usage of special tags such as galleries and polls
Special:TaskManager Wikia Staff, Wikia Utilities, Wikia Helpers, VSTF Used to display and manage background tasks
Special:ThemeDesigner Administrator A page used to customize the basic layout of the wiki
Special:ThemeDesignerPreview Administrator Used to preview the basic layout of the wiki before publishing
Special:Top Users Shows the top users (enabled), highest rated articles (disabled), most popular articles (disabled), newly changed articles (enabled) and most visited articles (enabled).
Special:Unblock Administrator A form used to restore write access to a blocked IP address or username
Special:Uncategorizedcategories Users A list of uncategorized categories
Special:Uncategorizedimages Users A list of uncategorized images
Special:Uncategorizedpages Users A list of uncategorized articles
Special:Uncategorizedtemplates Users A list of uncategorized templates
Special:Undelete Users Used to find pages that had been deleted but is still in the archive and can be restored
Special:Unlockdb Wikia Staff Used to lock or unlock the database
Special:Unsubscribe Users A page that can only be reached directly from email to stop receiving emails from wikia
Special:UnusedVideos Users A list of unused videos
Special:Unusedcategories Users A list of unused categories
Special:Unusedimages Users A list of unused images
Special:Unusedtemplates Users A list of unused templates
Special:Unwatchedpages Users A list of non-followed pages
Special:Upload Users Used to upload photos and images
Special:UploadStash Users A list showing files that have been submitted but not used on the wiki
Special:UserSignup Users A page used to create a new account
Special:Userlogin Users Used to log into an account
Special:Userlogout Users Used to log out of an account
Special:UserRights Administrator, Bureaucrat Used to manage a user's rights group by promoting or demoting
Special:Version Users Shows information about Wikia, which include licensing, installed software and extensions.
Special:Video Users A redirect to Special:Videos
Special:Videos Users Shows a list of videos published to the wiki
Special:Wantedcategories Users Shows a list of categories that are not existent but wanted by showing red links
Special:Wantedfiles Users Shows a list of files that are not existent but wanted by showing red links
Special:Wantedpages Users Shows a list of pages that are not existent but wanted by showing red links
Special:Wantedtemplates Users Shows a list of templates that are not existent but wanted by showing red links
Special:Watchlist Users Shows recent changes with watchlist options such as marking all of them visited
Special:Whatlinkshere Users Shows a list of pages that link to another specific page
Special:WikiActivity Users Shows recent actions by users, (does not show template or mediawiki related actions, nor logs such as the move log)
Special:WikiAdoption Users Shows a status of wiki of whether or not it can be adopted
Special:WikiFactory Wikia Utilities used to change internal settings for wikis
Special:WikiFeatures Administrator allows you to select which of Wikia's optional features you'd like to have on your wiki
Special:WikiStats Users A more complex page of Special:Statistics showing editor, Anon and Language Activity, Main Statistics, and Rollups.
Special:WikiaConfirmEmail Users Used to log in with your username and password to confirm that you've received the email from Wikia
Special:WikiaLabs Administrator A redirect to Special:WikiFeatures
Special:WikiaSearch Users A redirect to Special:Search
Special:WikiaVideoAdd Users A form used to add videos
Special:Withoutinterwiki Users A list of pages that do not link to other language versions

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