Polls can help users decide on major, serious, and important things, but they can be used for fun too!


This shows how you can use them and what each one represents.

Choice 1
Choice 2

How they workEdit

If you change the title or choice, it will logically create a new poll, and thus the vote count will defunct and reset. Users can change their vote at any time. The poll will display the number and percentage of votes for each choice, the total number of votes given so far, and the date and time when the poll was made.

Changing the Width of the PollEdit

Polls are 40em wide by default. Administrators can adjust the poll widths by adding the following to MediaWiki:common.css on your wiki:

div.ajax-poll { width:auto !important; }

This will make all polls on your wiki be as wide as the "box" they're in, i.e. they'll usually expand to be as wide as the article body. You can now set its width by wrapping it in a div with a set width, or a table cell, or in any other layout box. Example:

<poll style ="width:250px;">
How wide is this poll?
Not so wide