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Italic text ''Italic text'' Italic text
Bold text '''Bold text''' Bold text
Bold & Italic text '''''Bold & Italic text''''' Bold & Italic text
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Horizontal Line ----

=Header 1=
==Header 2==
===Header 3===
====Header 4====
=====Header 5=====
======Header 6======

Header 1Edit

Header 2Edit

Header 3Edit

Header 4Edit

Header 5Edit
Header 6Edit
Un-ordered List

*Main bullet
*Another main bullet
**Sub bullet
***Sub sub bullet

  • Main bullet
  • Another main bullet
  • Sub bullet
  • Sub sub bullet
Ordered List

##Oooh.. decimals! This would be one point one, or rather 1.1.
#I can count to three!

  1. One
    1. Oooh.. decimals! This would be one point one, or rather 1.1.
  2. Two
  3. I can count to three!
Internal Link [[How To Program Wiki]] How To Program Wiki
Internal Link (with displayed text) [[How To Program Wiki|Mainpage]] Mainpage
Internal Link to another Wiki

[[w:c:commmunity|Community Central]]

Community Central
Internal Link to a page on another Wiki


External Link

[ Wikipedia]


Redirect Link #REDIRECT [[Help:Contents]] #REDIRECT Help:Contents
Image [[File:Example.jpg]] Example
Sized Image [[File:Example.jpg|175px]] Example
Linked Image [[File:Example.jpg|link=How to Program Wiki]] Example
Image with text (hover over image) [[File:Example.jpg|Flower]] Example
Thumbnail Image [[File:Example.jpg|thumb]]
Bordered Image [[File:Wiki-wordmark.png|border]] Wiki-wordmark
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