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CSS at rules are a special type of code that are compatible with CSS. They have existed since the first version of CSS, and more have been added since then. At rules are typically used to add certain functions to the CSS code, such as importing another stylesheet, or to not run certain code depending on the browser's support. Below is a list of all rules.


@import can be used to import an external stylesheet directly from the CSS document. @import must be used before any other styles, or else it will be ignored. Here is the syntax for the rule.

@import url("/css/main.css");
@import "local.css";

The first line is importing a file by it's URL. This can be used to import any stylesheet, both local and external. The second line is just referring to a local file that is in the same directory as it is.


@charset can be used to specify the encoding used for a stylesheet. This rule must also be the first thing in a CSS document, or else it will be ignored. @charset is very rarely used.

@charset "ISO-8859-15";

The syntax simply puts the encoding in between two quotes, and ends it with a semi-colon.

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