Borders are a very important part of any style. They can greatly improve the appearance of any website, template, or other page you're creating. Borders have a ton of different options, and can be customized to look just about however you want. Borders are created using a styling language, typically CSS.



<div style = "border:width style color;">Content</div>



    border:width style color;

Basic BorderEdit

A basic 1 pixel black border can be created by doing this.

    border:1px solid black; 

As you can probably see, "1px" refers to the width of the border. "solid" makes the border solid instead of dotted, or something similar to that. "black" is simply the color. Any HEX, RGB, or supported text color can be inserted there.

Inline BordersEdit

Like all CSS, borders can be inserted on an element through inline styles. Just use this syntax...

<div style="border:1px solid black;"></div>

That causes the div element to have a 1 pixel solid black border.


Value Required / Optional Value Description
Border-width Required Defines the width of the border
Border-style Required Defines the style of the border
Border-color Required Defines the color of the border

Browser SupportEdit

.CustomNoBold { font-weight:normal !important; }

Availability Alternatives

(alternatives only available in a property)

Name Browser
Yes None Google Chrome
Yes None Mozilla Firefox
Yes None Internet Explorer
Yes None Safari
Yes None Opera