Beginning The MagicEdit

jQuery is a type of scripting language that uses Javascript to help modify objects. The selected object often starts with a $("Selected Object");. After the selected object has been identified, you need a .someAction to tell jQuery what to do with this object. All "Actions" need a (); at the end. NOTE: some small exceptions for functions. For example: $("div").fadeOut() will make the div "fade out". If you type: $("div").fadeOut("fast"), the div will fade out fast.

But...Wait! There's More!Edit

Before you can do ANY of the scripting, you need to get your document ready! You need to type:

$("document").ready(function() {


The $("document") is pointing towards your HTML document. The .ready() function loads your document so that it is ready to use. The function() makes the entire document functional to the jQuery you type. Functions can also be used to identify a object when the user interacts with the computer. Inside the function's parenthases, you type your action.

For example:

$("document").ready(function() {

  $("div").click(function() {




You get it now? The code above makes the div dissapear or hide when it is clicked by the user. You don't have to worry about the this right now, we'll explain it later.

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