Adding photos is simple. They are what help make articles colorful and fun. Photos also have a name, File, and Image.


[[File:FileName.FileExtension|Width|Position|Thumb or Not Thumb|link=URL|Caption]]

The three basic file extensions you'll be using would be usually .png, .gif, and .jpg (also know as .jpeg). To learn more, read about File Extensions here: File Extensions Tutorial.

Layout OptionsEdit


The Width Photo Property is controlled by the value, px, which equals Pixel. You will also want to find a reasonable width, or else it might look too tiny or too blurry.


The three available values for Postitions Photo Property are Right, Left, and Center. These help position pictures wherever you like on articles.


The Captions Photo Property adds descriptions to pictures. Though, as the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words," so most of the time what the pictures are trying to portray is very obvious, and descriptions are not always needed.


The Thumb Photo Property contains only one value, Thumb. Thumb shows it in a photo box, while if you do not want it to be a thumb, you simply type out nothing at all.

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